Casa Kanso

“We got ourselves a new artwork! This house really calls for art. It’s very plain and basic in it’s colours, so we use textures and different materials to add a playful twist.

This bathroom for example is fully covered in chalk paint and microcement, which makes it a very ‘earthy’ space.

To enhance some of the more raw feeling, we decided upon this art work by the amazing Studio Astrid Dodd.

Created to fit in bathrooms as it withstands humidity, but looks great in our bedroom as well since we love the extra texture on the wall”

Casa Kanso

Ecohotel El Agua

Having the opportunity to display my art in Ecohotel El Agua on the island of Tenerife was an honour. The texture and design of my organic shaped art compliments the beautiful style the owner of Eco hotel El Agua has created, imagine a place with a warm ambiance. This setting combined with my art gives a unique feeling of tranquility.

Pam Dosal

Interior creative Pam Dosal wanted to add one of my pieces to her inspirational home. The photos of the art in her fabulous house will follow soon, but with her creative eye she made the following photoshoot.